• Acr 01-0122, Smartreader Plus 6, 8-Channel Temperature Data Logger


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SmartReader Plus 6 - 128 KB Eight-Channel Temperature (Thermocouple) Data Logger Monitor temperature over a wide range with the SmartReader Plus 6 data logger

At 12-bit resolution, the SmartReader Plus 6 offers greater accuracy and more precise measurements than the SmartReader 6

Easily and accurately record temperature from any J, K, S, T or E type thermocouple probe

Features Eight channels Record temperature in eight different locations Monitor extremely high temperatures Monitor temperature over a wide range Use with a variety of different thermocouple probes Greater accuracy and resolution than SR6 Applications Monitor performance of gas-fired heating equipment Verifying concrete curing temperatures Process verification

With seven inputs for thermocouple probes and an on-board cold-junction thermistor, this logger is one of the most versatile thermocouple data loggers available