• Gfg Instrumentation 2200-Rt, Gma 200-Rt Relay Module Without Display


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GfG Instrumentation, 2200-RT, GMA 200-RT Relay Module without Display for 16 Relay Features: Extends the GMA 200 controller by 16 additional freely programmable relays Ability to connect up to 4 relay modules for a total of 64 additional relays SIL certification DIN rail mounting Using a GMA 200-RT relay module, it is possible to extend the GMA 200 controller by 16 additional freely configurable relays

A total of 4 additional relay modules and thus 64 additional relays can be managed through the GMA 200 controller

Digital connection of the GMA RT relay module to the GMA 200 controller enables the local positioning of the relay modules

This local installation of the relay module results in significant cost savings through reduced cabling and installation costs