• Gfg Instrumentation 3543-200, Ec 35 0-200Ppm Hcn Fixed Gas Transmitter


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EC 35 0-200ppm HCN Fixed Gas Transmitter Features: For oxygen and a wide selection of toxic sensors AutoCal automatic calibration Linear 4 to 20 mA output signal 24 VDC Alarm relays standard in EC 36 (low, high and fault) Once you power up the units, they will accurately display values on the large LCD and transmit a linear 4-20 mA signal to a GfG controller

Autocal automatic calibration and maintenance is done effortlessly through push buttons or via a digital remote control connection

Smart sensors allow the user to easily change ranges or gas types in the field without a need for additional programming

The EC 36 is equipped with onboard relays for two alarm points and one sensor fault for local contact connection and activation of external devices like alarms, fans, auto dialers, etc.