• Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion


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Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion is designed to lift a person from the floor with the help of care giver

It is designed for the purpose of both sit up and lift a fallen person

The Mangar Lifting Cushion can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, and will lift a fallen person with dignity while protecting both the carer and the person being lifted from injury.Mangar Camel Lifting Cushion HighlightsIs InflatableMangar Camel is Battery operatedAirflo controlledProtects staff and reduces CostIs Appropriate for any ageEnhances independent livingMaintains patient dignityMinimizing moving handling risksPacks away into a compact and discreet bagReduces the risk of musculoskeletal disorders FREE 2-YEAR WARRANTY INCLUDED

With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel Lifting Cushion offers a fully supportive lift that can be carried out entirely independently by the faller