• Scientific Industries Si-3001, Multimagstir Genie Stirrer


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Scientific Industries, SI-3001, MultiMagStir Genie Four Position Stirrer - No Plug, 230V The revolutionary 4-position MultiMagStir Genie provides low to high speed stirring and editable memory profiles

Features Customize your application with four-position MultiMagStir Genie! MultiMagStir Genie may be used with up to 4 1L flasks/beakers or 3 1L spinner flasks and a maximum sample weight of 10.0 Kg 22lbs High and low speed range including reverse and interval stirring for applications ranging from gentle stirring for cell culture to aggressive mixing for viscous polymers Three power levels are available for various sample viscosities Low-profile magnetic stirrer uses microprocessor control for precise and reproducible operation without heat build-up from internal friction Manual mode provides stir, stir reverse, and time functions Profiles mode allows users

Microprocessor controls offer precision and reproducibility without internal heat build-up

Up to 4 stirring programs can be saved Automatic mode recalls and executes one of up to 4 userdefined protocols